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These Statistics Will SHOCK You!

  • Did You Know? In 2005, it takes an average of 1 to 3 emails for subscribers to 'consume' information before they buy from someone.
  • In 2008, it takes around 4 to 7 emails before the subscriber buys from someone for the first time.
  • And in 2014... that number is already 9 to 14!

What does this tell you?

That nowadays it takes more and more effort to get someone to trust you enough to buy your offer, or your recommendation!


No, far from it.

Email remains the leading medium for online sales even to this day.

The problem is BIGGER than your emails though... It's BRANDING and creating an impact on your audience.

Today it takes more effort to convince your prospects before they buy anything from you for the first time.

People are growing immune to marketing tricks, and there's more competition today than ever. (No wonder it takes more tries to get your subscribers to warm up to you!)

But With Videos, You Only Need 1 to 3 Videos For Subscribers To 'Consume' Before They Buy From You!

That's right. 1 to 3 video presentations can do the work of 14 emails.

Because here's the thing: Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

There's only so much you can write in email before your subscriber decides it's a little too boring. But with videos, you can hold your subscriber's attention longer, and keep him or her engaged.

This is the secret to DOUBLING, TRIPLING... even QUADRUPLING your conversions!

This is also the same method used by coaches, trainers and speakers to even sell their high ticket programs well into the thousands of dollars!

Videos are powerful indeed. And if this hasn't convinced you enough, Facebook revealed that videos are 75% more watched on its site in 2015 than its previous year.

So I imagine if you can make your video educational and add fun in the way you tell your story, your visitors and subscribers are more inclined to:

  • Listen to you
  • Trust you
  • And buy from you!

However There Is Still Another Problem.

Most video building and video editing programs today come with either little or no templates for you to use.

Chances are, you wind up using the same content as most other users (there goes your uniqueness!)

This can hurt your conversions and worse, your branding in the long run.

So if you sell many products, you need more sales videos.

Plus in 2016, you need to do more than just build sales videos - you also need to build pre-sell videos and educational videos. So you need more video objects and elements to make them unique!

Now You Have A Collection Of Fresh Objects And Elements To Build Premium Quality Videos With HQ Video Kit!

HQ Video Kit is a comprehensive collection of high quality video assets to give your sales videos and presentations a new face lift.

You get a wide range of stellar video building objects you can copy and paste into your videos - and this works with nearly every popular video builders.

The types of video assets cover all the major aspects of building your highly engaging, premium feel videos -  everything from cartoon characters in colored and outlined drawings to animated stickers, HD backgrounds, and more!

What You Get In HQ Video Kit

Module 01: 10 Premium Powerpoint Themes

Module 02: 100 HD Cartoon Characters

2 Art Styles - Outlined and Colored

Module 03: 100 HD Backgrounds

Module 03: 30 Animated Stickers

Module 04: 25 Face Lift Emojis

Module 05: 200 Video Graphics Objects

Module 06: 40 Background Audio Tracks

What You Can Do With HQ Video Kit

  • Build high converting sales videos. Double, TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE your conversions when you give your videos a face lift!
  • Create more engaging video content. Instant increase in perceived value when you share your message.
  • Spice up your presentation. Story telling just got a lot more exciting!
  • Skyrocket your lead generation results - ultimately what matters the most...
  • And more...!
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Q: Do I need any software or programs to use HQ Video Kit?

A: The contents of HQ Video Kit are compatible with several video building programs like VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, Video Motion Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, iMovie, and even MS Powerpoint (for Powerpoint  Themes).

Some are also compatible with graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

Q: Do I need to learn how to make any editing to the contents of HQ Video Kit?

A: Not at all. The objects and elements are ready to be used as they are. Just copy and paste into your favorite video editing program and you're good to go!

Q: Do you have an Upgrade version of HQ Video Kit?

A: Yes, there will be an optional offer to upgrade your purchase to get the DEVELOPER LICENSE (rights to do use the contents for your clients) and DOUBLE the size of your HQ Video Kit collection.

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